Matt Laffan, public speaker, Sydney Australia
Matt Laffan, public speaker, Sydney Australia


Matt Laffan, Sydney Australia

Matt has always had a keen interest in politics although he has never been associated with a political party.

In 2004 he entered the race for the Lord Mayor and Councillor of City of Sydney as an Independent. It was a bold and ambitious move from a man who had at that stage no real political experience. The campaign he ran was highly respected by all quarters and he pressed his claims well although he ultimately failed to get elected onto Council by a very small margin.

The election results came out following Ian Thorpe's tumble into the pool which temporarily disqualified him from entering into the 400 meter freestyle event for the Athens Olympic Games.

The Daily Telegraph's resident cartoonist Warren poked fun at Thorpe, Matt and the other Mayoral hopefuls by summing up the results superbly with Clover Moore having been elected.

The cartoon is one of Matt's treasured possessions because, as he quipped, "To be drawn in the Daily Terror's Editorial Page by their cartoonist suggests I at least made an impression."

Matt Laffan

Although he did not win he enjoyed the experience and maintains more than a passing interest in the way in which his City is developing.


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