Matt Laffan, public speaker, Sydney Australia
Matt Laffan, public speaker, Sydney Australia

Rugby the Game They Play In Heaven

Matt has been involved with rugby all his life.

His father, Dick Laffan, coached Coffs Harbour on the Far North Coast of New South Wales during the 70's as Matt was growing up. Dick then went on to coach New South Wales Country, the New South Wales B XV and then the New South Wales Waratahs between 1988 and 1990.

Therefore it was inevitable that the game would seep into his blood.

Matt involved himself in the local Coffs Harbour Club by writing the pre and post match reports for The Coffs Harbour Advocate for the seasons of 1986, 1987 and 1988 as he completed his last three years of high school.

Matt pursued this interest after arriving at the University of Sydney by writing some rugby articles for the University Students' newspaper, Honi Soit, and being part of the organisation of the Rugby Team at his beloved St John's College.

Matt later wrote player profiles for the Rugby News for two seasons after he had left university and began work as a lawyer with the New South Wales Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Since 1996 Matt has been a serving member of the New South Wales Rugby Judiciary.

In 2003 he worked closely with Nick Farr-Jones as a researcher and assistant as Farr-Jones wrote: The Story of The Rugby World Cup by Nick Farr-Jones which was published by Australia Post to celebrate the Rugby World Cup being hosted in Australia that year.

Matt also worked closely with Mary Hoban of Australia Post by offering research assistance for the accompanying information to the stamp collection which was released at the same time.

In 2001 Matt was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for his contribution to Rugby by the Commonwealth Government.


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